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Moral Standards Among Young Drivers Declining Claims Car Insurer

Research conducted by a leading car insurer alleges that young drivers in the UK are ‘dishonest’ motorists.

According to the research, under 25s are twice as likely to flee the scene of an accident, leaving behind an unattended vehicle, when compared with over 55s involved in a road traffic accident.

The insurance company conducting the research, which wished to remain anonymous, suggested that such actions reflected a decline in moral standards among young drivers.

The results of the research revealed that just 1 in 3 drivers, below the age of 25, would leave their details for insurance purposes if involved in a road traffic accident. In contrast, 2 in 3 drivers of a more ‘mature character’ said they would exchange details in the event of an accident.

Surprisingly, the research found that women are less likely to stop than men and furthermore, the overall number of motorists prosecuted for fleeing the scene of a road accident has increased by 4% over the last 12 months, reaching a figure just short of 30,000.

It’s estimated that the trend of motorists fleeing the scene of road accidents adds an additional £30 to the cost of insurance for ‘honest’ motorists in order to cover the damages.

Unsuspecting victims are forced to cover the cost of repairs out of their own pocket or are left in a situation whereby they have to claim off their own insurance, if they have comprehensive coverage.

Should they have to claim off their own insurance ‘honest’ motorists lose any no claims bonus they have accumulated and, to add further insult, such a claim can lead to an individual’s average insurance premium being hiked up by as much as 60%.

Car insurance for young drivers is always substantially higher than that of more mature motorists however; insurance costs are often overlooked by young motorists when buying their first car.

This research comes at a time when the Government is giving serious consideration to raising the age at which teenagers can take a UK driving test. The results of this research will do little to credit some young motorists with any degree of credibility.

Young drivers are responsible for the highest proportion of accidents that occur on Britain’s road networks, however, many young drivers often feel persecuted against. Results from responses in a series of focus groups, focusing on the driving habits of young drivers, revealed that many of them feel they are punished for the actions of the few irresponsible young motorists.

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