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Jul, 18

The AA is demanding that the theory test hazard perception section has ‘avoiding potholes’ added to the exam. The roadside recovery specialists say that learner drivers should be able to p...

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Jan, 16

Certain parts of Scotland are getting a bit of a reputation for high numbers of learner drivers passing a DVSA driving theory test and practical exam first time. So, here are a few reasons why you sho...

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Jan, 16

The pressure to pass a theory test first time can be overwhelming, but here’s some essential guidance to help you book a theory test online and pass first time. It’s ok, you can admit that ...

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Nov, 15

Yes, the DVSA has released a new book to help motorists understand how factors such as attitude, health and mood can affect your ability to pass a theory test, get a driving licence and drive in gener...

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May, 15

For every road vehicle, accept bicycles, you need to pass a theory test in order to take a practical exam. However, does the same apply for operating a boat? Book Theory Test Today has the answer. ...

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Feb, 15

Not your everyday road vehicle but nonetheless, tractors are driven on Britain’s roads. Book Theory Test Today tells you what you need to know to drive one. Is a Theory Test Certificate Require...

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