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Taunton Theory Test Centre


Ground Floor
Victoria House
Victoria Street

Taunton Theory Test Centre

DVSA drivers must have passed their Theory Test before preparing for a practical driver test. The theory test is available from any theory test centres in England, Scotland and Wales, including the theory test centres in Taunton. The brief guide covers all the essentials for the theory testing centre of Taunton. There are many resources on Taunton Test Centres to get the right knowledge about the subject and the test centres you need.

Driving Theory Test Centres in Taunton

Thank you for taking a look at this complete guide from the Taunton Theory Test Centre. This is the place for you to learn all you can about the site so that you can prepare yourself well for your test day. It is southeastern Somerset and therefore very convenient for students from the surrounding areas of the county. Continue reading for more helpful information such as pass rates and facilities as well park locations.

Taunton Driving Test Centre

Here is contact information for the Taunton Driving test centres, test itinerary suggestions, and test booking information.


Taunton testing routes taunton driving instructor The driving tests in Taunton will last approximately 40 minutes and include eye examination, Show me, Tell me questions and 10 minutes of driving. You should arrive at the Test Centre 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. The Taunton Driving Test Centre occupies busy areas. The concept of the intersections of roundabouts is important. It is likely that these problems will also be mentioned during driving tests. Busy A'roads and dual roads like the A13 or the A406 are available at Taunton driving test centres. Quieter road where residential area will appear on driving tests.


Driving test at Taunton driving test center will be presented with a variety of different roads and modes. Based around Taunton, the rural countryside roads often appear during tests that can lead into villages around the region. Country driving tutorial gives a list of tips for using rural roads during driving tests. A dual carriageway system is expected as well, such as the A38. In Taunton the test roads will cover roundabouts of each type, intersections. Oncoming vehicles can be a problem for secluded residential neighborhoods in which there are high numbers of parked cars (see passing parking cars).


Generally, each test site operates between Mondays and Fridays. The availability of testing hours is indicated at the time of reservation. Have your theory exam pass certificates and a provisional driver licence ready, as they require some details. Book driving lessons online Practical driving courses are arranged on a phone using a system that automatically processes the booking process. For booking a test with Taunton's driving centre, click here. Although it's a automated system, a driver and car manufacturer's safety assistant can contact them via email. Get the driver's test online.


The passing rate on a driving test is varied between centres. It's often caused by location, and often busier areas have lower passes rates. Driving test is offered by all UK test centres in the UK. Choose a field where you feel better. Driving test passrates section shows driver test pass rates in practice testing centres.

Can I do my theory test online?

The Windows version of Google Chrome browsers are not currently supported. Pass the system readiness check of theoretical tests, which checks the system's compatibility and allows you to perform the test.

How long is the wait for a theory test?

Top 10 places to wait for a test drive in England. On a typical day, it takes 14 weeks to wait for an examination — though some test centres are currently facing an 18-week backlog.

Are there any driving tests available in Taunton?

Taunton Testing Centre is situated off Venture Way in Crown Industrial Estate.

How long is the driving test waiting list?

London testing centres for example offer 12 week waiting times and more. However, more driving instructors are employed by the DVSA in highly populate regions and test centers are limited because of center space.

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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Taunton You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.