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Bodmin Theory Test Centre


Ground Floor
Scout Hall
Bacon Road
PL31 1AW
PL31 1AW

Bodmin car driving Theory Test Centre

Please double check the test centre location in your booking confirmation. Our office will not be able to answer any questions about test bookings.

Bodmin is a town in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The town is situated at the north-eastern end of Bodmin Moor, south-west of Launceston and north-west of Plymouth.

Bodmin is a popular tourist destination for its history and heritage. The town has a number of tourist attractions including Bodmin Jail, which is now a museum, and the Bodmin & Wenford Railway which runs through the town.Bodmin is also well known for its annual corn festival which takes place in September each year.

The theory test centre in Bodmin is located on New Road, just off the A30 London to Land's End road. There are a number of parking options available near the centre including on-street parking and a number of public car parks.The test centre is located within easy reach of a number of public transport links including Bodmin Parkway train station which is just a short walk away. There are also a number of bus stops located close to the test centre.

Bodmin Theory Test Centre Address

Bodmin is located in Cornwall, United Kingdom.


There are two car parks nearby. Short stays cost £1.90 per hour. Longer stays are cheaper - £1.20 per hour.


Bodmin bus station is situated in the town of Bodmin, Cornwall. It is about 0.3 miles away from the test centre. It takes about 4 minutes to walk there.


Bodmin Parkway is not within driving distance of the test centre, but there is a train station nearby. The train station address starts with 'off' and ends with 'Road'. The train station is called 'Liskeard Road'. The train station is near Bodmin, Cornwall.

Arriving at Bodmin Theory Test Centre

Train stations are close by but there isn't any public transport nearby. There is a car park nearby but it doesn't have enough space for cars.

Guides and Tips

Drivers should be aware of the hazards around them while driving. You must watch videos of different situations and click when you see a hazard.

You don't have to devise your own study plan. Take a look at these resources to help you prepare for your test. Official DVSA Theory Test app for iOS. Safe driving for life theory test rundown: what to expect on the day.

Nearby Theory Test Centres

Bodmin is the only theory test centre nearby. There are also other centres in Cornwall. You should choose Bodmin if you're looking for a test centre near your home.

What is the theory test pass mark?

The pass mark for the car test is 86% and you need to get at least 43 correct answers out of 50 multiple-choice questions. To pass the test, you must also pass the hazard perception test with a score of 44 out of 75.


Booking a driving theory test is easy. You can use any of the following methods to make your booking: telephone, internet, post, email, fax or letter.

Booking a driving theory test over the phone can be done without speaking directly to anyone. You can choose to speak to a member if you need help or have any questions.

Booking a driving theory test in Bodmin is easy. You can do this by visiting the website


You must provide a minimum of 3 clear working days' notice if you wish to reschedule or change your theory test date. If you fail to do this, you may lose your theory test booking fees.


Upon completing your theory test booking, please print out the confirmation e-mail and bring it along with you to the centre. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail or if you need further assistance,


You should bring a valid driving licence as well as your passport if you're applying for a learner permit. If you don't have a passport, you'll need to get a new licence.

Failure to provide these forms of ID will result in you being denied access to the theory test. You'll be unable to book a test date and lose your test booking fee if you've misplaced your licence. Contact the DVLA who will issue you a replacement licence. See the driving lessons section for information on obtaining your learner's permit. Arrive at Bodmins Theory Test Centre early as theory test centres have set times for candidates throughout the week. Late arrivals that miss the allotted time slot will forfeit their test.

How To Get To Bodmin Theory Test Centre

You should leave early to avoid missing your appointment. Walking: If you are going to walk, you will need to go towards Beacon Road. Near Beacon Academy would be the Bodmins theory test centre.

There are many parking lots near the theory test center. You can get to the theory test center using public transport.

You need to take your provisional licence with you when you take your theory test. Otherwise, you won't be allowed to sit for the test.

Booking A Theory Test At Bodmin Theory Test Centre

To book your theory test you should go to the DVSA's website and book your theory test there. You can also call the DVSA booking number here. Have your theory test centre you want to book your theory test in. For a full list, please visit here. The pass rate is 51.3% nationally, it is very important that you prepare for this theory test to give yourself the best chance of a passing grade. Other nearby theory test centres include :"

The pass rate is 51.3% nationally, it is very important that you prepare for the theory test to give you a better chance of passing.

Book a test to upgrade your licence

You must call the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) if you need an auto, or medium-sized lorry to a large vehicle. Call the DVLA on 0300 200 11222 am to 4pm to book your tests. Find out about call costs.

When you do not need a theory test

A theory test is required to drive a tractor. A theory test is also required to drive a truck. A theory test is compulsory to drive a car. A theory test is essential to drive a motorbike. A theory test is obligatory to drive a boat.

Minibuses are smaller than lorries, but larger than cars.


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*To Qualify For a Free Theory Test Resit in Bodmin You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.